Bucharest Jazz Festival 2016

Nicolas Simion “Crazy World Project”, first performance at the Bucharest Jazz festival 25th september 2016

Hi folks, I am very happy to let you know that the Nicolas Simion “Crazy World” project, feat. Piotr Wojtasik (tp), Nicolas Simion (saxes), Sorin Romanescu (guit & electronics), Mike Roelofs (piano & Keyb.), Chris Dahlgren (bass) and Rodrigo Villalon (drums) played a first performance of the comssioned work for the Bucharest Jazz Festival 21-25 september 2016. It was a big fun and a great audience. We enjoyed playing together, thanks everybody!


  • Bucharest Jazz Festival 2016
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This is the the official website of the Romanian jazz label 7dreams records. The website is currently under construction and we are working to make content available as soon as possible. We will present some of the greatest recordings of Romanian Jazz musicians like Jancy Körössy, Richard Oschanitzky and Nicolas Simion.

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